Does the above question haunt you? If it does, then perhaps you are planning on getting married some day soon. If you think it’s impossible to put together a wedding without putting yourself into debt, then the below tips and suggestions are exclusively for you…! 

Be smart about the guest list

Let’s face it, if given the choice, we’d all choose to get hitched only with those who actually matter to us around us. Unfortunately, we do have certain obligations when it comes to our society. And one of those such nice results in us having to invite a lot of people to our special day. But as this affects a lot of things including the wedding reception location, which inevitably affects the costs, it’s not so smart to invite everybody including your playschool teacher and long lost pen friend to it. Be smart about your guest list; or this alone could drag you to bankruptcy.

Keep the “destination” somewhere affordable

Have you already narrowed down your wedding venues? Or at least the options? Are you planning on whisking your guests away somewhere exquisite, destination style? If you are, are you sure you want to do this? Choosing an exotic destination to host your big day may sound like a wonderful way to make it memorable to your guests, but it’s only a practical option when you have a very small guest list. After all, you will most probably have to provide accommodations for them, spend to keep them fed, keep them entertained, and you might even have to help some of them get there.

Choose “creative” over “expensive”

And this is relevant to your decorations, invitations as well as your door gifts. Most of the shops that specialize in door gifts will try to get you to buy their most “popular” item; which, without a doubt, will also be one of their most expensive pieces. The same goes for the invitations as well as the decorations. Rather than falling for the scam, do your research and know what’s “in”. Try and choose something that’s creative and innovative; as this is what generally tends to people’s memories.

Take time to organize the big day

And we have good reason for this particular tip. We are pretty sure that if you put your mind to it, you can put together a memorable in record time. But that will definitely cost you more. Services such as makeup artist, stylists and caterers tend to charge you extra when the booking is done last minute. This is true in the case of venues as well. Not to mention, if you have plenty of time to organize your big day, you can take time to select your white dress, and buy it when it’s not hot and expensive…!