Rehearsal dinners for marriages always turn out to be a real blast. They are obviously lower key than the all important next day, and everyone involved become super excited about it. It also allows the bride and groom to familiarize themselves with the wedding party and also to spend some quality time with the friends and family of either side. They can familiarize themselves with the proceedings and also see to it that they wolf down some great grub in the process.

But sometimes people tend to forget the real purpose behind a wedding ceremony Byron Bay rehearsal. That’s the rehearsal itself. It allows the participants to familiarize themselves to the roles assigned to them and helps to alleviate the overall stress associated with the wedding itself. Given that the marriage celebrants will be having a gala time with the food and drinks, the core members of the wedding, for example the wedding pair and the bridesmaids cannot let their hair down to early. Otherwise it would be an imperfect marriage, something nobody wants.If you’re having a low key ceremony, then skipping ahead to the big day is okay. But if you intend to go the whole nine yards, then it is always recommended that you go through marriage rehearsals. Rehearsals are recommended if there are more than three members on each side, involved in the wedding party, and also if there are children involved in any size, shape or form. There may also be certain traditions that you want to stick by and these sentimental reasons are not to be brushed under the carpet when the big day is on the horizon.

Marriage rehearsals are also a fabulous way for each side to get to know and mingle freely with the opposite side and also to get to know each other a bit more intimately. Thus, when the marriage ceremony actually does arrive, there will not be any awkward silences or forced speech, which can ruin the occasion. Familiarity with people is one of the biggest advantages of holding a wedding rehearsal.

A normal marriage rehearsal should last three quarters of an hour, which is longer than the actual marriage itself. The rehearsal specialist will introduce themselves and also inform the participants about what everyone’s role is. Normally, the participants introduce themselves at this time and this is a great ice breaker. Marriage rehearsals normally start with the processional, where everybody lines up in the order that they’re supposed to. If there is a DL on the premises, it is all the more better. The processional is followed by practicing the rings and then the recessional. The DJ comes in extra handy if there is the possibility of the bride and groom not seeing each other before the nig day.