Getting married could be one of the happiest moments in your life. It is a day you will remember for the rest of your life as you finally get to spend it with that special person. Planning the ceremony isn’t easy as it is not only quite expensive, but will require that you plan it well in advance. Here are a few things you will need to plan.

Get the Photographers

Since this will be one of the most joyous day of your life, you will need to capture all the important moments. For this, you should make it a priority to look for a great wedding videographer who can capture all the important moments during the ceremony. You should discuss with them as to how many crew members they will be sending and look at some samples of their work before you hire their services. Some photographer will have a photoshoot before the marriage as well, which you should check with as well. You should let them know beforehand about any events that you have planned during the ceremony so that they can be prepared to capture them on camera.


Since you will be inviting many guests, you should make sure that they are kept happy. Every marriage ceremony will have to have food and drinks provided, so you need to find a catering company that can cater meals during the ceremony. You can choose if you wish to have it in the form of a buffet or if you want to serve a set meal for each of the guests. The latter is easier to plan as you can ensure that there is no shortage of food. Ask your caterers if they will provide you with a sample of the meals, before they serve them at the wedding.

Reception Hall

If you plan on having the ceremony at a reception hall or hotel, you will need to check the dates that they will be available, in advance. You will need to check what services they provide as well, since some reception halls may provide their own wedding videography Blue Mountains, so you don’t have to get them separately. Since hotels and banquet halls are typically booked quite frequently, you may need to check with them months in advance, or even a year, if you want to book it for the day of your marriage. These are three of the most important things that you will need to plan before you have your marriage ceremony. However, it may differ if you wish to have a small marriage ceremony with only a few guests.