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Balloons Modeling And Décor

Balloon modeling also referred as balloon twisting or shaping is an unique type of art and people who performs this task are knows as balloons bender, balloons twister and balloons artists. These artists can bend and twist the balloons in almost any kind of shape such as the shape of animals or any alphabets. Their common place to perform is at birthday parties, functions or any other festive either public or private. Sometimes, they often work independently and sell balloons in streets or in shops.

There are two types of balloons modeling. One is single and second is multiple balloon modeling. As the name depicts single balloon modeling make use of only one balloon per model whereas multiple modeling techniques involve multiple balloons. However, balloons modeling may sound an easy job to do but actually it is not. Every model and shape has its own challenges and requires great skill. Modeling is not only related to just twisting and bending the balloon but it includes the careful considerations of other parameters as well such as how much volume of air must be filled in balloon so that it may not burst while twisting. Not every twister is able to do to every kind of styling; it takes a lot of experience and practice to master this art. Therefore, only a skilled twister can produce shapes of almost every kind flawlessly. Except from single and multiple modeling there are other modern techniques as well such as weaving and stuffing. And these are used according to the demand of the occasion for which the  birthday balloons Sydney décor is done. 

In past, the twisters used their mouths to inflate the balloons. For many years this remains a common practice among them. But as the demand of balloons increased over the passage of time the manual or electric pump was introduced to help the balloon’s artist for inflation. However, the balloons used for twisting purposes are not commonly filled with helium gas because of the very reason that helium would escape very soon when these balloons will be twisted. Also these balloons are not usually designed for floating purposes. Another reason for not using helium is that the material used in twisting balloons will be too heavy for helium gas to lift it.

There are two common components related with balloon twisting. One is the collections of good balloons that are used for it. These balloons come in various colors and sizes. The size of the balloon is identified by their number. The common size for the balloon is 2 inches in diameter and 60 inches in height when it is fully blown. The second component is inflating device, most commonly used inflating device is hand pump or electric pump or by using mouth. But you have to be very careful while inflating a balloon and fill it carefully up to its capacity so that it may not blow up.

By Christopher Whittle, ago